La SFP vous informe de l’ouverture d’un nouveau master 1 et 2 en infectiologie.

International Master in Infectiology

Université Paris Saclay and University of Health Sciences in Phnom Penh (UHS), in partnership with Institut Pasteur Paris and Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC), are opening a 2-year Master program focusing on Infectiology (Biology of infectious diseases). This master is hosted at University of Health Sciences, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and will open in October 2018. Upon completion of this program, students will receive Master diplomas from both universities.

The aim of the Master’s program Infectiology is to provide a solid and broad-based foundation in prominent areas in Life Sciences and Health, as well as a high level of competences in Infectiology. Pedagogical team includes specialists from reputable international universities and research institutes. This program is coupled with intensive internship periods in top-level research laboratories, ensuring that students will receive a complete training, both theoretical and practical.

For students without a French bachelor/”licence” degree, a free online upgrading course is offered prior to selection. Registration to this online upgrading course will be arranged once students have submitted their application to the Master in Infectiology, either with UHS or Paris Saclay University.


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Master 1 et 2 en infectiologie :

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Master 1 et 2 en infectiologie: (Page related to the Master under construction)
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