Post-doc MNHN LabEx BCDiv

Open Post-doc­to­ral posi­tion at the National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France,
in the context of the LabEx BCDiv: Biological and Cultural Diversities
Hameosporidia: bio­di­ver­si­ty, dyna­mics and evo­lu­tio­na­ry history
Duration 12 month/ Salary: 46 452€/year
Parasites in the Order of Haemosporidia (Plasmodium, Hepatocystis, Polychromophylus), that are
intra­cel­lu­lar hae­mo­pa­ra­sites belon­ging to the phy­lum Apicomplexa, infect a wide varie­ty of
Vertebrates. Recent stu­dies in great apes and Man unco­ve­red phe­no­me­na of host’s cap­ture associated
to unsus­pec­ted adap­tive pro­per­ties, main­ly for the genus Plasmodium. These stu­dies, main­ly focused
on Man, bring the ques­tion of the extent of these adap­tive capa­ci­ties in the other mammals
accom­mo­da­ting Haemosporidia. Such explo­ra­tion of Haemosporidia bio­di­ver­si­ty will lean on
esta­bli­shed bio libra­ries cur­rent­ly in ela­bo­ra­tion at the National Museum of Natural History that will
take into account their bio­geo­gra­phy, their dis­tri­bu­tion and their sprea­ding in human popu­la­tions and
ani­mal spe­cies, in a diver­si­ty of natu­ral hou­sing envi­ron­ments, as a mean to pro­vide infor­ma­tion on
their bio­lo­gy and their eco­lo­gy. Considered hosts will be great apes and other non-human primates,
and micro­mam­mals. The basic know­ledge regar­ding the bio­di­ver­si­ty, the bio­lo­gy and the eco­lo­gy of
these Haemosporidia, will be enri­ched by their des­crip­tion at both mor­pho­lo­gi­cal (when pos­sible) and
mole­cu­lar levels (from feces, or from blood samples, using genes ampli­fied by PCR, such as
cyto­chrome b, or other mito­chon­drial, nuclear or plas­ti­dic mar­kers) and the esta­blish­ment of their
phy­lo­ge­ne­tic relationships.
Contacts :
‑Pr. Philippe GRELLIER, MNHN, UMR7245 CNRS, team APE, Department RDDM, CP52,
57 rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris, France. Phone : +33–1 40 79 35 10 ; Fax : +33–1 40 79 34 99; .
‑Dr Sabrina KRIEF, MNHN, UMR 7206 CNRS, Department HNS, CP 135, 57 rue Cuvier,
75005 Paris, France. Phone : +33–1 40 79 53 37 ; Fax : +33–1 40 79 38 91.
CV must be sent to and before the 1st May 2012.